Quality dentures to replace teeth

Dentures or partial dentures can be easily inserted and removed. Removable dentures helps to maintain your facial features. That's not all - dentures will also help to restore your ability to eat food properly. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Reasons for gum disease and tooth loss

There are multiple causes for your tooth loss, including decay, periodontal disease and trauma. Gum diseases caused by toxins and bacteria can weaken your gums and bones that firmly hold the teeth in place. Dental professionals at Anaheim Dentist - Open 7 Days a Week - Until Midnight will address your concerns with the finest dentures. Dentures will restore your appearance and improve your ability to bite and chew food normally.

Can implants hold my denture in place?

Yes, implants can be used to hold your denture firmly in place eliminating the need for adhesive and allowing you to bite into hard foods. People naturally loose bone as they age. This can cause your denture to become loose and uncomfortable. Implants can keep your denture fitting correctly and hold it in place. Talk to our experienced dentists today for more information.

Benefits of dentures include

  • Functioning dentures work like natural teeth
  • Improves your appearance
  • Easy to clean, insert and remove
  • Enhances your ability to chew and biteh
  • Durable and reliable
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