Correction of Diastemas

Diastemas are spaces occurring in between the anterior teeth , usually between the upper central incisors. There are numerous causative factors for a diastema to occur like prominent lip attachment, teeth missing since birth, tooth size -jaw size discrepancies etc. Diastemas are closed only after recognizing and treating the underlying cause.

After careful selection of the case, diastema can be corrected with use of acid etch and composite augmentation of proximal surfaces. Porcelain veneers are also an option for this procedure.

In some cases, diastemas are simply too large and composite augmentation will result in excessively large central incisors. In such cases, a combination of orthodontic and esthetic procedures is applied. With orthodontic treatment, large spaces are redistributed symmetrically amongst the anterior teeth and then composite augmentation is done. The final result is improved proportionately among the anterior teeth.


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